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Billing Information
Account Information
Billing is Bi-Weekly unless other arrangements are made.
Milwaukee Couriers Company Ltd reserves the right to limit the credit per each company. As we are a small company, we request that all payments are made in a timely fashion.
You will receive a bill as per your request of billing. Payments are due within 30 days of the billing date. Any previous balance carried forward to the next billing cycle may be assessed a 2% late fee.
If you receive a bill and are unable to pay all of it on time, please call us at (414) 273-9810. We will be happy to make arrangements for payment. If other payment arrangements are required, please contact us and we will set up a payment plan to work with your accounts payable department.
Bill disputes
If you dispute the correctness of a bill, you should call or visit our office with 14 days of receiving your invoice.
For more information, please call (414) 273-9810, or send your request to the attention of:
Customer Accounts
Milwaukee Courier Company
(414) 273-9810 phone
(414) 273-9811 fax
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